Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rule #1 Investing Spreadsheet / Calculator Version 1.4.2

Thanks for a number of readers for informing me of the significant changes that was made at MSN Money (the source of much of the stock data on the previous version of my Rule #1 Investing Spreadsheet).  10-year data is no longer available there.  As a result, I had to quickly scramble to find another source.  What I found was www.gurufocus.com and the 10-year data that it has is pretty amazing.  Therefore, I was able to revive my spreadsheet fairly quickly.

If you only use the first few tabs of the spreadsheet, you will see very little changes.  The only real change is that Canadian stocks are no longer supported (boo hoo...).  I suspect it would impact a small portion of us Canadians, but I'm mainly invested in US stocks anyway...

Anyway, you can find the new version here: http://goo.gl/GS3RyI .  As usual, to be able to use the sheet, you'd need to click on File > Make a Copy to create a copy for yourself.  You will need a Google account for this.  Cheers!

For reference, read my last post on the spreadsheet.