Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Upcoming Series: Rule #1 Blitz and USCCB Investment Guidelines

Rule #1 Blitz
Before the advent of Netflix in Canada (which was a few weeks ago), I had to actually drive to the nearest Blockbuster to rent a movie.  So, one weeknight last year, my wife Renee and I decided that we needed some entertainment.  I'm usually the selfish one and pick an action or sci-fi flick, but this time, I was feeling especially benevolent and let Renee choose the movie.  She quickly picked up a movie with 2 actresses on the cover.  I recognized the older one being Meryl Streep, but the other, I did not know.  Examining it some more, I saw the title of the movie, "Julie & Julia".  I gave up a groan, thinking that it was probably going to be like that other movie, "Being Julia", that Renee dragged me to watch at the theatres a few years ago...a typical girl movie about romance, love, and dysfunctional women.  Why couldn't she pick something better, like, Resident Evil or something like that? ;)

When we got home, I reluctantly plopped myself onto the couch, not expecting much other than 2 hours of yawning.  About 10 minutes into the movie, I was a little intrigued because the story revolved around Julie, who was planning to blog about her experience cooking all of Julia Child's recipe in the next 365 days.  At that time, I had just started this blog and thought it was kind of cool that the movie was actually about blogging.  At the end of those 2 hours, I was thoroughly impressed, partly because it was actually based on a real story!  The movie gave me some motivation to continue blogging and I have to thank Renee for picking that awesome movie.

Anyway, why did I bring this up?  I thought I'd follow Julie's footsteps.  Blogging takes motivation and dedication.  I can't say I'm writing as much as I'd like to, and so, I'm going to challenge myself.  I'm going to go on a blitz.  For the next 10 weeks, I'm going to analyze a company with my Rule #1 spreadsheet and write about it.  I don't have a list of companies to analyze yet, and so, I'm open for suggestions.  Please leave a comment if you'd like me to analyze any particular company (traded in the US).  Now that I have announced this, I can't back down.  So, here we go...10 weeks, 10 analyses!

USCCB's Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines
In addition, I'm going to do a dissection of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines.  I've talked about ethical investing on this blog before, but have never done a rigorous series on the topic.  So, here it is!

These couple of months are going to be exciting.  I'm pumped!  Please keep this blog in your prayers!