Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sick Leave for This Week

This winter has not been good to me so far.  I had my first round with the flu a few weeks ago, which eventually subsided.  It never really went away, but I was well enough to drive around Southern Ontario to attend various events such as baptisms, my company's kids' Christmas party, birthday parties, galas, etc.  With all these activities, coupled with the lack of a good night's rest, the flu decided to take me up on a second round.  So, here I am, behind in my work at work and work at school.  Unfortunately, the thing to be sacrificed would be my post for this week.  I will, however, keep my 10 week-10 analyses plan, but just offload this week's post to the future.  Please keep me in your prayers and do take care in this flu season.

For this week, I thought I'd share the following video with you from Google.  It's an inspiring video about the words that were searched in 2010.  They did a good job choreographing it.  Enjoy!